Frequently asked questions

Who is Life Health Foods India and what do they do?

We are Life Health Foods and as our name suggests, we are a business that passionately creates innovative plant-based food & beverages in a  way that is good for people and our planet.

While soymilk was still fairly new to India a business called Prosoya entered the market with soy milk and became one of the lading manufacturers in India since 2007.  which became quite successful business in the India market.  Life Health Foods India was created in 2009 and took over this business. Life Health Foods India has seen great growth since then and is currently second in the plant based milks category with our Soy Milky Range.

Life Health Foods India, launched Almond Fresh, a premium almond milk in 2015 as the first to market we have seen amazing growth and we are the leading almond milk producer in India.

In 2018 we launched the So Good brand and with it our new So Good Protein + Soy milk. We also rebranded our premium almond milk to be So Good Almond. With multiple flavours and pack formats there is something for everyone.

We look forward to a continued positive future for our business in India, even with our great successes so far there is still lots of opportunities to be explored.

Can I boil or freeze So Good product?

Our plant-based beverages work the same as dairy milk, so you can heat, boil, chill, froth and use as a substitute for dairy in all your favourite recipes. We don’t recommend you freeze So Good products as they can separate and don’t defrost well, just like dairy milk.

How long can I store So Good?

So Good Soy range will keep for 9 months and Almond Range for 12 months from date of manufacture if unopened.

After the pack is opened, you will need to store the product in the refrigerator and consume within three days of opening.

Is So Good okay for babies?

We don’t recommend children under 5 years of age consume purely plant-based beverages unless advised by their medical professional. Please contact your Doctor for personalised advice for your situation.

Where can I find So Good products?

Our range is widely available throughout India, you can purchase nationally on e-commerce chains like Amazon, Big basket, Flipkart, Grofers.

If you are wanting to check for stores local to you, send us your address and we will advise your nearest stockist.

How can I sell So Good in my store?

Please contact our sales manager by sending your details to and we will get back to you.

Will So Good sponsor me or my event?

Please contact our team by sending details of your event, your contact details and summary of requested product sponsorship to and we will get back to you.

What if my So Good product is faulty or stale?

If your pack is unopened and has puffed or swollen or the product is tale, please contact us with details from the pack, and your contact details. Our team will get back to you and advise on next steps to get you a replacement or refund.